"I attend a weekly class with Gill and she teaches my children at the Studio in Pitscottie. Gill is an enabler. She makes most poses accessible to all and is careful to check how everyone is feeling at the start of every class.  Any stress, aches or pains are factored into the practice and I always go home feeling much taller and extremely relaxed.  She continually monitors the class but her ethos is non-critical and positive.  She also has a sense of humour which proves helpful when my body struggles to stretch gracefully into poses.  Working with Gill has greatly improved my son's "computer hump" and his posture is much better.  Yoga has also helped with balance, flexibility, strength and self-confidence.  Because of Gill, I now try to listen to my body and love every class".


"Very relaxing, everyone works at their own pace and to own abilities.  You don't feel you have to do more".


"Gill is a lovely lady who is very supportive and encouraging".


"Tayport - a small, friendly class in a cosy wee hall".


"Gill ensures that her classes are challenging for the experienced yoga practitioner and instructive for the novice".


"The 90 minutes class means that a variety of postures can be worked through, with time for an extensive breathing practice and a good relaxation at the end".


"Gill eases us gently into postures I never thought possible and always with individual consideration, kindness and humour. 

We laugh a lot!!"

For more information or to book yoga classes, please call  or email me.